06/05/22 – Virtual Table breakfast Meeting

Monthly Breakfast meeting of The Oxford Business Community Network www.oxfordbusinesscommunitynetwork.co.uk

Our speaker is Vicky Strachan of Strachan IP

About Vicky:

I am a fully qualified UK and European patent attorney and I have over twenty years’ experience in helping innovative SMEs to identify, capture, preserve and protect the valuable intellectual property they create.

As you will hear me say in this presentation, where there is a USP, there is (almost) always intellectual property, and I specialise in helping SMEs to ‘root out’ what it is that sets them apart from their competitors, what IP rights protect their uniqueness, match those IP rights to their value (i.e. their importance in relation to market share and/or revenue stream), and then establish a strategic IP management policy that matches their business goals and aspirations as well as their budget.

I specialise in tailoring IP strategy and management policies to suit each individual business by helping them to leverage all of the various IP provisions and legal frameworks globally. There is no ‘one size fits all’ in IP strategy and management, there is not even a ‘one size fits many’: a company’s IP strategy should be as unique as the business itself.