08/06/21 – Unlock the Social Media Content in your Business in 60 Minutes, with Sarah Fletcher

“I’m running out of things to talk about”

“I don’t know where to start with what to say”

The struggle for marketing content is real in most businesses.

Thinking of what to post on social media can be such a drain on the brain!

Especially when you need to feed the beast every day.

Sarah guarantees you already have everything you need to say, it’s just knowing where to find it. And rather than make you hunt for it, she is going to show you in 60 minutes.


Sarah Fletcher of Mushroom Souffle works with business owners and non-fiction authors blasting their social media challenges out of the water. She gives you Clarity, Confidence and Content.

Join us for an upbeat and practical training session as Sarah guides us through the ways we can all find amazing content in our businesses, that we probably don’t know we have!

As a sneak preview: have you written a book or even a blog? This can provide masses of content but most authors don’t use it or don’t know how!

In true OBCN fashion, there will also be an opportunity to network and meet other Oxfordshire based businesses.

It’s completely FREE and open to any local business.

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