29/03/21 – Talking Money – How to charge what you’re really worth

OBCN member, Jackie Fitzgerald, Executive and Business Coach, will be delivering an interactive workshop talking all things money.

Are you:

  • A business owner?
  • Looking to get your pricing right?
  • Wanting to feel more comfortable when discussing money?

Too many business owners either don’t know how to price their services properly, have certain mindsets and beliefs when it comes to pricing and feel uncomfortable when talking about money.

If that’s you, there’s no need to feel that way.

In this workshop, I’ll share 6 practical steps that will help you price your services correctly and have easier sales conversations. After all, you’re great at what you do and have the right to be paid well.

This includes 30 minutes of optional networking in breakout rooms at 11:00am and then the workshop will start promptly at 11:30am.

Jackie Fitzgerald – Since 2010, I’ve been working as an Executive and Business Coach in London, Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire. Coaching doesn’t always go far enough in helping a client so over the past few years I’ve also trained in counselling and therapy.

My personal experience feeds directly into my coaching practice and I draw on those experiences and the things I learned every day. I don’t do pointless coaching or therapy, I do my best to help my clients get the results they want, as quickly as they can manage.

To find out more about the work I do, head over to my website: https://www.alquimia.co.uk/

Book here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/talking-money-how-to-charge-what-youre-really-worth-tickets-142075817595