A Business Taking a Walk on the Rewild Side

Part of a large franchise, Rachel’s Oxford-based travel business is leading the way towards saving our planet. One of the top 5 franchisees across the country due to her commitment and contribution to date, she’s been invited to become an ambassador for an exciting rewilding initiative. 

Rewilding is often associated with mega-tooty and charismatic species such as the wolves reintroduced to Yellowstone or the beavers to Wales. In reality, it can be as simple as letting the corner of your lawn grow a bit longer, welcoming back native insects and birds.

It is said by the UN that the world must rewild and restore an area the size of China to meet commitments on nature and the climate. With “9 years to restore the planet”, this is the decade for ecosystem restoration. 

“Wild nature is our best ally in the fight to stabilize climate.”UNEP wildlife expert 

So, why is Rachel’s business choosing to make rewilding a part of her mission and everyday service? Simply put, rewilding can help reverse species extinction, tackle climate change and improve our overall health and wellbeing. Not to mention it meets a growing expectation from the market. Forbes reported that 92% of consumers say they’re more likely to trust companies that are environmentally conscious and 88% admitted to be more loyal to those brands. 

“Rewilding is an acceptance of nature and of nature knowing best” – Nick Baker 

Engaging directly with mother nature’s very own ‘Climate Heroes’ – which all play a big role in climate change mitigation and adaptation – Rachel’s business is evolving to become part of the solution rather than the problem. From restoring seagrasses and kelp forests, which can lock up carbon at a rate 30 times faster than trees, to reversing centuries of ecological damage in the Scottish Highlands by planting native trees, rewilding initiatives across the UK and further afield are supported by every holiday booking with Rachel. 

“Many people are behind Britain’s plans to rewild the landscape, from the beaver to replanting trees, particularly those who enjoy nature programmes such as Springwatch and David Attenborough’s engaging series. If so many of us are behind these initiatives we see on the TV, why not take this a step further and look to rewild our businesses?” – Rachel Tredwell 

The best part of rewilding is that it is something we can all do and engage with. It’s more accessible than you think. Whether your business, back garden, or attitude towards nature, no one person can be excluded from such a worthy mission which our survival as a species quite literally depends on. 

Enquire about your dream holiday today or find out more about the ‘Climate Heroes’ on Rachel’s website, thetredwells.notjusttravel.com, in which you’ll discover insightful videos and a recent blog update from the Scottish highlands. 

Written by Rebecca Woolford, Founder of the Climate Hero initiative.  

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