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There isn’t a lot that an employer needs to legally provide, but no office or workplace is really complete without refreshments & catering supplies to help keep your employees productive and your visitors happy…

Welfare in the workplace 

There isn’t a lot that an employer needs to legally provide. In fact, all that is necessary is drinking water. This may be clean tap water, from a water dispenser or bottled.

*Alongside free clean water, an employer must make available clean seating facilities for resting and breaks with adequate washroom facilities, and a way of heating food (a microwave) and water for hot drinks. Many employers nowadays go the extra mile to make their staff feel more valued and provide free drinks and snacks to create a happier workforce.

Internally, no office or workplace is complete without refreshments & catering supplies to help keep your employees productive and your visitors happy. The more comfortable the work environment and break-out areas are, the happier and more motivated your employees are. For your visitors, providing a good range of catering supplies during meetings or events is very welcoming and creates a good impression of your company. If you want to think about providing more than just the minimum requirements for your staff, buying in bulk could save you money, it doesn’t have to be expensive, and it will keep your employees happy all year round!

It’s the little things that brighten up your day…

That first cup of coffee in the morning, an ice-cold drink on a warm day, or a mid-afternoon treat to see you through until home time… Whatever brightens up your day, with hundreds of products in our kitchen and break room range, you’ll find the perfect little pick-me-up.
Whether you are re-stocking your fridge & cupboards, just trying to boost morale with a small office get-together, or trying to impress a larger gathering, catering supplies & equipment play an essential role in this.

Catering supplies & equipment

You can find many different beverage selections and dozens of food and confectionery on our website. Eating and serving utensils, crockery, drinks dispensers, and even kitchen appliances are all readily available. Whatever the size of your workplace or event, we have all the resources you need to make it a success. Not only are food, beverages, and utensils available, but Aston & James also provides catering equipment such as kitchen appliances, including kettles, microwaves, coffee machines, water dispensers, toasters, and all-important white goods to keep your workplace functioning.
Whatever catering supplies or equipment you’re looking for, we have you covered. You’ll find everything you need to not only get you started but help you through any events too. Take a look today and see how you can enjoy the benefits of a single source and keep your business running smoothly.

From cleaning and janitorial to all the hygiene essentials

Whether you are looking for supplies to help with regular maintenance of the office or have a big job that needs to get done, you can trust us to source the workplace supplies and equipment you need.

Anything you might need for your office janitorial needs can be found through Aston & James. Soap and hand sanitiser is available to lessen the spread of germs in the workplace and protect the staff. A wide variety of dispensers are available, as are toilet supplies such as paper towels and toilet tissue. Finally, with everything you need to wash, polish, dust, brush, disinfect, and vacuum, we have the ranges to keep even the harshest of germs at bay. With hundreds of canteen, cleaning, and washroom-related products, we have what it takes to ensure your workplace remains squeaky clean, safe, and germ-free.
Refills of all these products are available too, allowing you to make sure you are prepared for when something runs out.

Eco-friendly & sustainable products

Going greener is a way of life now that can have a huge impact on the world we live in, choosing eco-friendly catering supplies can make a real difference. Green catering supplies are readily available and make great alternatives to traditional products. Here are some of the products available, fully compostable and biodegradable wooden cutlery, cups, straws, napkins, and bamboo products. Further eco-friendly catering supplies such as washing-up liquid, cleaning cloths, kitchen, and toilet tissue, cleaning sprays, disinfectants, and wipes are available too.

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