Quiet quitting and putting the human in Human Resources

First came the great resignation, and now we have quiet quitting. Why are employees becoming increasingly dissatisfied with their work, and what can employers do to retain their staff?

In this episode, Mike speaks with Paul Hayward of Blake Morgan and Jane Fryatt of Face2faceHR.

  • The rise of quiet quitting
  • How businesses can retain employees
  • The importance of communicating with your team
  • Focusing on output not input

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Paul Hayward:
Paul is a member of the highly rated employment, pensions, benefits and immigration team at Blake Morgan LLP; working in both Oxford and Reading. He has previously acted for large multibody corporations undertaking central government contracts, public sector bodies (including NHS Trusts and Schools) and recently a number of high-profile individuals such as senior BBC executives, Premier League footballers and agents.

Blake Morgan

Jane Fryatt:
Jane is an HR Consultant at face2faceHR. Her HR experience has been gained across various sectors including media and publishing, science, technology and engineering. She has first-hand experience of managing teams in both operational and office environments and can bring down-to-earth, practical HR solutions to her clients.


Thank you to Matt Eastland-Jones of Story Ninety-Four for producing this podcast at his Oxford Podcast Studio

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