Working from home, office culture and adapting your business post-pandemic

The pandemic brought on many changes to businesses. One of the most significant was the change from office life to working from home. With the pandemic now behind us, how has the workforce changed and adapted post-pandemic?

In this episode, Ben speaks with Katie Aldridge of The HR Dept Newbury, Darren Aston of Aston & James, and Paul Mabbutt of Jennings.  

  • The 2022 office
  • Are businesses working from home or back in the office?
  • Has the demand for offices changed?
  • What can employers do to ensure staff are healthy when working from home?

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Katie Aldridge:
The HR Dept Newbury supports small to medium sized companies with their HR, and it’s our approach that really sets us apart. Instead of telling small businesses what they can’t do, we tell them what they can do to achieve the results that they want.

The HR Dept

Darren Aston:
Darren joined Aston & James in 1997 to work with his older brother Alan as his young apprentice. He learnt quickly under his guidance and gained a lot of experience working for a small family business – fast track to 2012, Darren bought the business from his brother to become the owner. During lockdown they shifted to working on Covid infection control products, PPE and assisting customers with their Workspace at home – reassessing kit and ergonomics. Aston & James now positioning themselves to best serve their customers wherever they choose to work – in The Workplace – In The Warehouse – In The home, and on the go.

Aston & James

Paul Mabbutt:
Paul is an experienced Managing Director with a focus on helping to develop people and grow organisations in the Private and Voluntary Sector. Skilled in business planning, mentoring and people development, plus passionate about building ethical and people focused cultures.


Thank you to Matt Eastland-Jones of Story Ninety-Four for producing this podcast at his Oxford Podcast Studio

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