The Big Power of Small Businesses

In this episode, Ben speaks with Mary Thomas of Concise Training and Concise Digital, Nick Mason of Wagner Mason Accountants and Howard Feather of Howard Feather Business Advisors. Exploring how successful businesses can overcome difficulties, both professional and personal to strive for success.

  • What makes a successful small business
  • The digital channels that will help your business
  • How to counteract issues confronted by small businesses
  • When to outsource work
  • The importance of a support network

Listen to the podcast to hear expert insights on those topics.

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Mary Thomas:
Through Concise Training and Concise Digital, Mary Thomas assists business with their digital and social media marketing to ensure that your digital output is beneficial for your business. By utilising her expertise in training, Mary will help you to be able to get the most out of your digital marketing, whilst also offering a variety of outsourcing options.

Concise Training
Concise Digital

Nick Mason:
Nick Mason is the director of Wagner Mason Accountants, providing his clients with a high-quality and personal service. His work helps businesses make sure that they have the financial information they need to run their business on a day-to-day basis.

Wagner Mason Accountants

Howard Feather:
Howard Feather is a business advisor and mentor, helping you to make the tough decisions to move forward. Through Howard Feather Business Advisors, Howard helps to increase productivity, overcome barriers within the business and generate sales within the business.

Howard Feather Business Advisors

Thank you to Matt Eastland-Jones of Story Ninety-Four for producing this podcast at his Oxford Podcast Studio

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