Helping You Create Workplaces That Are Fit for Work, Fit for Purpose, Fit for Life

Our office furniture showroom in Witney displays a range of products that supports workplace wellness, but we recognise that not everyone may be able to visit us. That’s why we have created an exhibition-style mobile pop-up so we can go out on the road and visit workplaces, community events and public venues this year to demonstrate the changes you can make to adopt sound, healthy workplace habits wherever you choose to work. 

At our pop-up events, you can interact with some of the latest ergonomic products, and see how infection control products can be used for a cleaner, healthier working environment. You’ll also discover how to become a more sustainable business with a range of solutions and products to help your business become greener. For instance, through consolidating your orders into fewer deliveries, recycling your ink and toner cartridges and much more, we are focussing on a range of green initiatives throughout 2022 and beyond. 

Join us at our next wellbeing pop-up at the Hilton Garden Inn Abingdon on Friday 29th of July between 10am-2pm. Why not come along to see a large display of a range of products that will help you create a happier and more productive work environment.

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