The Importance of Coaching & Development

In this episode, Mike speaks with Nick Hughes from Dynamic Coach Group, Jenny Gordon from Jenuine Consulting Ltd, and Ian Farrington from Prodevuk.

  • When do you know you need coaching and development?
  • How important is development to career progression?
  • How has the pandemic altered coaching?

Listen to the podcast to hear expert answers to those questions.

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Nick Hughes:
Dynamic Coach is driven to improving your revenue streams and profit margins and as such we have developed our sales training and coaching practices with DYNAMIC outcomes in mind, whether that be with set strategies or training to develop individuals or teams.

Dynamic Coach Group

Jenny Gordon:
Jenny is the founder & brilliance coach at Jenuine Consulting; a people developer who specialises in helping businesses create and sustain brilliantly effective, productive, teams. Bringing practical understanding of the issues that keep you awake at night, together with wide-ranging experience and a sustained record of success in coaching, facilitation, learning and development, quality improvement and innovation helps illuminate your business, creating clear strategies to bring out not only the unique brilliance of you but also the people you work with.

Jenuine Consulting

Ian Farrington:
Ian has spent over 30 years working in the public, private and not for for profit sectors. In theory, this was about policy, strategy and delivery in a range of contexts. In reality, it was always about people and the realisation that it takes the right people, with the right support, to deliver sustainable success.


Thank you to Matt Eastland-Jones of Story Ninety-Four for producing this podcast at his Oxford Podcast Studio

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